Stand-Up Comedy Night

Dear Customers, we are happy to announce that from now on, every week we will be hosting stand-up comedy nights. So far, while you are enjoying your favorite dish and meal, you can participate or enjoy our live show. A lot of laughs and fantastic nights awaits you, please do come and join us.

If you want to participate, we have listed you some introduction and guidelines of what stand-up comedy means. Read these helpful tips, and please contact us so we can make the schedule. Good luck, and have fun!


Stand Up is an English expression that means “stand up.” It is a way of doing comedy; in this case, the actor or comedian interacts directly with the public. The person who performs this type of show is known as a standing comedian, and if his act consists of a monologue, he is called a monologist.

Stand up is a function of mood fills where the comedian is on stage, standing in front of the audience, with nothing but his voice and charisma to make the audience laugh through his jokes.

Nowadays, this way of offering humor shows is trendy. Many of those who participate in these events are acting professionals who must present a set of requirements that must be associated with exercise and safety to succeed and excel.

The prevailing opinion is that on this particular way of making humor is distinguished from the others by various aspects, one of them is the fact that it arises from everyday stories and experiences of the humorist, which can be real or false. These stories or anecdotes are told by the comedian, who uses irony and cynicism when describing them.

In this sense, we can say that the stand-up is a way to get closer to the public, unlike the other traditional forms of humor, since the attendees of the event, most cases end up identifying with the stories of the humorist, and that is what generates the most significant impact. The themes that comedians pick in the show generally join in an unusual and very diverse way. That is, they can start from personal anecdotes to reflections on life itself.

This genre of comedy is based on the need for the person to spend some time in joyful, to laugh at himself and others. In short, a humorous proposal that contemplates reality, leaving aside the tragic or drama-filled dimension of life.