Loose Wheels BBQ Restaurant Events

Located in North Texas, Loose Wheels BBQ restaurant is known because of its tasty meals and amazing events. You can enjoy your favorite stand up night, trivia night and even Texas Hold’em Tournament event while having your perfect dinner with your family or friends.

Enjoy the wide options of meals such as burgers, barbecue, seafood, salads, and special drinks while listening to your favorite music or following the popular stand-up guy that will make your night unforgettable.

As we mentioned, there is a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament event where you can enjoy anytime you want, play the greatest poker game types and have lots of fun by meeting new people. A little bit of gambling spirit while having your favorite dish is not a bad idea, isn’t it?

Despite the poker event, every week there are different bands on weekends so you can enjoy live music while dining. You can find every concert that will be held in Loose Wheels BBQ restaurant on our website.

Use your free weekend to visit and join Loose Wheels incredible events available almost every day. Do not think twice, just come in this amazing BBQ restaurant and enjoy the tastiest dishes ever! If you have any type of question that is related to Loose Wheels restaurant, feel free to contact us!