About Us

At our Loose Wheels BBQ restaurant located in Texas, we believe that you will feel comfortable while tasting the restaurant’s dishes and enjoying the band’s music. You will feel a great atmosphere by trying our full range of dishes such as meats, seafood combined with vegetables and many sauces to make your plate perfectly tasty.
Every week Loose Wheels provides you different specials from the kitchen, so you will be able to taste different varieties of food at low prices. Nothing sounds better than having your favorite lunch plate at a low cost and enjoying it with your family in an amazingly comfortable restaurant.

Despite the tasty food that our restaurant has, we can promise you a perfect musical atmosphere from Thursday until Sunday with the best bands in Texas. Imagine having a perfect dinner with your family or friends fulfilled with joyful music and providing a great ambient of happiness.

Thinking of a place that you need for some kind of celebration? Loose Wheels restaurant is the best place that you can choose for your birthday or another special occasion, because we have the best menu and music offers that you will enjoy while celebrating your important moment.

Are you still wondering where you should reserve your lunch or dinner? Loose Wheels BBQ restaurant is the perfect location for you and your family members. Feel free to contact us to make your reservations or to respond to your any kind of question that related to our restaurant services.