Be Part of Our Unique Restaurant Events

Do you believe there should be more to a restaurant that a couple of people walking into a building just for the sole purpose of eating, nothing more nothing less? If you do, you are in the right place. We plan various fun special restaurant events for everyone’s taste of music, shows, free drinks, group games and lots of laughs.

The fun doesn't end there; we also organize casino nights where you can win real money. You will have fun playing casino games like poker and blackjack games. Don’t worry, even if you’re an amateur in playing these types of casino games like blackjack games, because it will still be fun. These games will be played in amateur tournaments. In the end, these ideas are for fundraising, where the real money gotten from these special events will be donated for a noble cause. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us anytime for table booking and reservation.

Live Music and Free Drinks

What genre of music is your favorite? Or what type of drinks do you love sipping while enjoying your barbecue? How would you feel if you’re told you can sit back and enjoy your best song performed live while having a free drink? Awesome right? We thought as much too, at our restaurant, we offer you all this and more just for your pleasure.

Why not enhance your evening as you take your entertainment and dining expectations to our restaurant. Our barbecue cuisine is out of this world, and the best part is that you can do more than take a bite here. As you take a seat on our state of the art comfy chair for a nice lovely dinner, a performer will be on stage soothing your evening with delightful songs.

The free drink is one of the significant attractions why we have so many people patronizing us. No matter where you sit, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of live music and cold drinks. Also, you can get your cozy private corner if you are coming along with a date. Without a doubt, we will only offer you an unforgettable experience when you attend any of our restaurant events.

Amazing Trivia Game Nights

Are you searching for the perfect entertainment for your evening? Or are you don't want the night to fly by when you're with your family and friends when hanging out at a barbecue restaurant. Then it's time to consider attending our challenging yet educational trivia games. At our restaurant, we spice up your barbecue evening in a fun way with amazing trivia game nights.

Do you love quiz? Then look no further cause we’ll in no doubt thrill you with our questions and answers evening. No matter how diversified your interest might be, you'd surely find a trivia subject you’d love at out game nights.
So, whenever you find yourself at our restaurant events for a party, social gathering, school groups or pub events, our special trivia event has you covered. You can even come along with your children if you have them, as this event is suitable for all ages. Trivia nights are super easy and fun to play.

The Best Texas Stand-up Comedians Arriving Next Weekend

Are you looking for a good laugh as entertainment? At our restaurant events, we have a wide variety of stand-up comedians visiting next weekend. Why have a boring weekend when you can be here at our restaurant events to enjoy the comedy. Generally, comedy is subjective to each person's taste. But whatever your taste might be, the comedians coming every weekend will without a doubt make you burst into laughter.

Laughter is a medicine you can use to treat depression, anxiety, stress, and so on. The best part is that you can get a burst of decent quality laughter from stand-up comedians. Turn your barbecue evening into a fun and memorable one when you attend this weekend. You shouldn’t miss this event for anything because a roundup of the best comedians in Texas will be live at our stage.


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