Loose Wheels, Texas History

A long, long time ago in a land far away, Bud opened Lucile’s, the Best Damn Honky Tonk in Texas. It was unique in decor, atmosphere, entertainment and especially clientele. Many incredible musicians found a home and a voice there. People traveled from near and far to party at Lucile’s and make memories.


One night after closing, Lucile’s burned down. The suspects were many but the proof was slim. Unfortunately, the old building was uninsured and was not rebuilt. Bud hibernated for several years.


About the same time, a long time ago, Bud acquired a radar tower from the old Perrin Air Force base. That tower lay in pieces, dormant in a bone pile for 30+ years on a wooded hilltop south of Denison. Someday it was going to be something.


Bud dreamed of erecting the tower and making it the centerpiece of a building.


In the meantime… with a lot of help from his friends Vice Grip, Wingnut and Lockwasher, Bud built the Belchfire. They have traveled the Texas countryside with this modern marvel, entertaining rowdy crowds in their own unique way. This work of art is a sight to see.


The erection occurred about three years ago when Bud and his good friends made it happen. They called out Scharff Crane to set the tower in place.


As he talked to other friends and enthusiasm mounted, partners surfaced. Don Wayneo, Vise Grip and Double D threw their dreams into the mix and Loose Wheels, Texas began to rise from the ashes. Their life experiences, varied talents and accumulated wisdom, are creating what will soon be the current new concept in “honkytonkism” and hangout of the good ole boys and good ole days.