Welcome to Kevin Deal’s North Texas Musicfest and Tent Revival!

Saturday 12 pm to 12 am – Lineup includes: Kevin Deal Band, Max Stalling, Mark David Manders, Ed Burleson, Spur 503, The Bois d’Arcs , Black Top Gypsy, Little Big Iron, Tom McELvain and Shootin’ Doubles.

Sunday 10am – 7 pm- Lineup,includes: Kevin Deal and the Rank Strangers, Fred Eaglesmith, Matt Hillyer, Dallas Wayne, Brennen Leigh, High Standard, Barefoot Moses, T-Roy & Candace Miller, Fritz Schultz, Pastor Kenny Thacker

The Line-Up!

Sat Oct 18th
12:00-12:45 Tom Mc ELvain
1:00-I:45     Spur 503
2:00-2:45    Shootin’ Doubles
3:00-4:00    Mark David Manders
4:15-5:00    Little Big Iron
5:15-6:15    Black Top Gypsy
6:30-7:30    Bois d’Arcs
7:45-8:45    Ed Burleson
9:00-10:15  Max Stalling
10:30-12:00 Kevin Deal
Sun Oct 19th
10:00-10:45 Pastor Kenny Thacker
11:00-11:45 Barefoot Moses
12:00-12:50 Fred Eaglesmith
1:00-1:30    Fritz Schultz
1:40-2:10    T-Roy & Candace Miller
2:20-3:00    High Standard
3:10-3:50    Dallas Wayne
4:00-4:40    Matt Hillyer
4:50-5:50    Brennen Leigh
6:00-7:00    Kevin Deal and The Rank Strangers