From the Kitchen…

ulled Chicken Tacos

Two tacos served with tortilla

chips and fresh-made salsa.


Pulled Chicken


 Delicious for lunch on the run

or as a light supper.


A new crunch taste sensation, born in our kitchen…

Spicy Crunch Burger


We’ll spice up your

1/2 lb Flame-Grilled Burger

by topping it with crispy fried jalapeno and onion strips,

and then swirl some of our signature BBQ sauce on it.
Our cuisine cooks invented it and eat it themselves!
Try it this week for

 From the bar…

   “Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

Whiskey SourRum and Coke

$4 $3

Margarita Meltdown

Flavor your frozen margarita with your choice of

melon, amaretto, raspberry or blue curacao.